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I've read these forums for many moons but never posted. I bought the ATI 4850 and it is running at 75 to 85 degrees C. I've hacked the profile so that the fan runs at 85% most of the time and that helps some but it REALLY heats up. Is this the new operating temps of new cards since most of them seem to be running about the same? I need answers please.

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  1. Does your case have good airflow through it, to exhaust the heat that card produces? What happens if you take the side off and aim a fan at the card?
  2. The card died while i was typing a reply here. I took it back to Fry's and got an Nvidia 9800GTX. I did have good airflow and even installed another fan for it. Now I'm idling at 55 C and haven't completed testing for gameplay. It's benched a little faster than the 4850 and better FPS in my games.

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