Low FPS in Crysis? Help

First let me give you the specs for my system (homebuilt)
650 watt Antec NeoPower, PSU
Asus P5E <Green> X38 chipset, mobo
2GB Gskill 4-4-4-12cl, ram
Visiontek ATi Raedon HD 4870, GPU
Intel E6750 @ 3.0Ghz, CPU
WD Raptor 10,000rpm 150GB, HD

I didn't know where to post this so I apologize if it is in the wrong section.

I recently upgraded video cards from an 8800GTS to the 4870 in hopes of getting smooth playability in crysis with good settings.
With the old 8800 @ 1920x1080 the game is completely UNplayable and was pretty much a slideshow.

Also with the new ATi card I decided to do a fresh install of Vista Ultimate 64, to start clean :)

So first problem is with the ATi Card Crysis will not even give me the option of 1920x1080 (which I was able to select with the nvidia), its highest resolution is 1770x1000. I have tried all the Catalyst drivers and none seem to remedy this; as well as all the crysis patches.

Anyway with my rig I figured it would be playable on high at 1920x1080; but I'm running it at 1680x1050 on medium settings to get a smooth framerate. I can crank the settings to high but if any action happens it will lag pretty badly and is not smooth.

So my two initial questions are:
1.) Has anyone had this problem with crysis not showing your screens native resolution and is there a fix?
2.) Should I be able to run this game on high settings at 1680x1050 smoothly or was I reaching too far?

Now to (hopefully) remedy the situation I just ordered 4 more GBs of ram:

And I also ordered a QX6850 From intel (they have a purchase program for retail sales where the cost is $240).

Will these two upgrades enable me to run the game at max settings and resolutions? Or will I need to go crossfire with a 4870x2 in addition to my 4870?

Thanks for your responses in advance!
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  1. 2gb ram will be a problem. Crysis alone can hog 2+gb after a while of gameplay. Although e6750 shouldn't bottleneck, and the qx6850 is overkill.

    The resolution seems to be a driver issue. Try a modified driver and see if it helps.
    Run driver sweeper after uninstalling old driver and reboot, before installing new driver.

    This shows the fps you should be getting in Crysis, at high settings.
  2. ^He got the QX6850 for $240 dollars. Thats not bad at all. At that price with the unlocked multi its a steal.

    Other than that what the previous guy said and make sure that 16:9 is the ratio selected.
  3. Simple solution... just switch to playing Wolfenstein 3D. Problem solved. It's the same thing as Crysis... you just run around and push buttons and shoot crap. I imagine you'll probably get around 2500 fps once your quadcore comes in.
  4. ^LMAO!!!!!!!!

    Forget that, go to Decent: Destination Saturn. I tried that on my old system with a P4 EE 3.4GHz and a x850xt and it was so fast that I barely tapped a button and I went flying through the level. Damn non frame limited games.
  5. ^
    That is funny, but I always preferred Fallout, and the original CoD, and MoHAA. (maybe I'll try to find my copy of Baldurs Gate II tonight)
  6. Hmmm maybe my version of crysis is broken; it is lacking these buttons you speak of :(
    And I prefer Doom for my button pushing and key hunting.

    I tried the modified drivers after running the driver cleaner; and they didnt fix the problem. I can run every other game @ 1920x1080 but crysis just lacks that option. I suppose it is not really a problem anyway as my rig can't even run the game at lower resolutions.
  7. Theres 3 ways to play Crysis:

    1980x1080 with everything very high, but low framrates.
    1980x1080 with medium/high settings, but with lower quality
    1600x1200 (or even 1280x1024) with everything max, slight detail decrease but all extra visuals intact.

    I spend $4500 on my PC, and even I won't touch Crysis above 1280x1024. Why people don't bump the game down to playable levels is beyond me...
  8. gamerk316 said:
    Theres 3 ways to play Crysis:

    1980x1080 with everything very high, but low framrates.
    1980x1080 with medium/high settings, but with lower quality
    1600x1200 (or even 1280x1024) with everything max, slight detail decrease but all extra visuals intact.

    I spend $4500 on my PC, and even I won't touch Crysis above 1280x1024. Why people don't bump the game down to playable levels is beyond me...

    Cuz they want the uber pretty. Hell I play HL2 and TF2 @ 1280x1024 even though I can play it on my 40" TV @ 1920x1080p but I like the smaller screen that doesn't kill my neck.
  9. Well guys if you do not use the power of the video cards at higher resolution.Then you just waste your money.I can tell you for a fact that CRYSIS is very good on my system at 1980x1080.

    Anyway the post was to tell himhow to play at 1920x1080 thats all

    Benchmark of CRYSIS
  10. I play competitvly, as such, any type of lag is unacceptable. I have my settings set up for 45-60 FPS on Crysis, and did it primarily by lowering the resoultion to 1280x1024 (with a few minor changes to the .cfg file).

    And as for the "taxing the GFX card" argument, whats the point of high settings if things go so slowly you spend time on this forum asking how to get more settings instead of playing the game?
  11. Well for me its good,did you even look at the screenshot,
    anyway I play at 1920x1080 with POM,DOF,Motion blur and blah,blah ,blah,
    at 57fps AVG from the bench and 35 min frames,for me its all I need.
    I am sure others would love to be able to play like that.
  12. ^And I am sure people would like to have a high end system like that.

    Either way Crysis is still horribly optimized. Maybe the next one will be better.
  13. Thanks again for the input.
    With the .cfg settings I was able to max out the reolution.

    I Also OCed my 4870 to 1100mhz on the ram and 980mhz on the gpu and it seems to be running slightly smoother.

    Again hopefully the ram and the QX6850 help SLIGHTLY.

    Unfortunately I cant OC my 6750 anymore with it being stable. When the CPU was first setup my brother OCed it to 3.8Ghz and ran the VCore up to 1.55!! He ran it like that for weeks and now it just BSODs if i really try to OC it.
  14. Hey everyone.

    I'd like to help fixing crysis, you see, I haven't been prompted to install an update, hotfix, or patch when I installed my game. I remember downloading something from microsoft on my prior crysis install.

    I just got a 9800GX2 and Crysis just doesn't run on it. I tested it on XP with my old rig (E6600, 4gb Corsair DDR2-800, P5B Deluxe), and got 56.87 fps (1680x1050, high, full AA) in the crysis island benchmark. I'm thinking that this is a DX10 problem. Anything I need to install?

    Thanks for any help.

    PS- I get less than 1 fps during gameplay and about 6 at the menu.

    I don't know about you guys, but I though the GX2 would perform better with such a price tag :D

    I'll try a GTX 280... ordered one last night... we'll see... still expecting an answer though... thanks
  15. AA/AF = off
    texture quality = very high
    Objects Quality = low
    Shadows Quality = low
    Physics Quality = medium
    Shaders Quality = low
    Volumetric Effects Quality = medium
    Game Effects Quality = medium
    Post Processing Quality = low
    Particles Quality = medium
    Water Quality = very high
    Sound Quality = very high
  16. Wow Crysis must be the most intensive game out there. Can you set up 960x540 resolution? I wonder if your LCD TV can sync up to that, if so, the quality should be par to native 1920x1080 since the lower res is exactly 2:1 pixel perfect linear scaling.
  17. Any idea what I need to do to fix my problem? Still getting 1 fps... haven't downloaded any hotfixes, patches or anything like that...
  18. Lowering the resolution doesn't always give more FPS in some situations.

    This game is an open world and his low FPS is from the way it manage object distance.

    Instead of using a fog like Oblivion it use ratio (that make things pop up at random)

    The most FPS hungry setting of all is the vegetation ratio. In the configurations files not ingame setting.

    The close setting ingame for this is object details.

    My spec= 470gtx nvidia
    phenom 2 4x 965
    4GB ram
    W7 64 bit
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