Lite-on wont read after burning

Google'd this issue and found I am not the only one with this issue. Most peolpes issues had other problems, lack ram lack processor speed etc. Not the case here, core 2 duo with 6 gigs. Suggested disks are TDK DVD+R.

Empty Discs are noticed. After trial and error, found out TDK DVD+R is the only disk it will read empty. Because it will read empty I can write to it. Does not read it after. Stand alone DVD Reader has no problem with the burnt disk. Reads just fine.

Performed a BIOS update. Found the smart burn utility, turned on smart burn. All that did was make burning take 30 minutes instead of 4 minutes. After burning, still can't read the disk. And can't help but to notice there are a lot of people on this planet earth with this exact same problem who own a Lite-On.
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  1. Oops... The question is

    How to solve this?

    Could it be simple as a lens cleaning?

    Or is this just what happens when Lite-On's start to fail?
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