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Came Across a friend, that is working in an HardWare company. That actually Purchased from nVidia a Quadro fx 5600 1.5 Gb at a price of 1k usd coming near 2 k usd.
I would like to know, what in kind of game would be futurely release for such a monster Card. There is already test on AutoCad Softwares.
Any opinions of this card?

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  1. It's about as fast as an 8800GTX. It isn't really a gaming card. What it shines at is CAD, 3d design, and that kind of thing, and it is extremely fast at OpenGL. The large amount of memory helps on the highly detailed renders as well.
  2. Actually the real cost is around 3k and 4k >.<

  3. cjl is correct. This card is optimized for not gaming, and that's where its cost is coming from: appropriate drivers for its use in a smaller sales segment.
  4. Would it work fast on renderosity program or similar softwares like bryce and poser?

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