My user took over for someone and her domain username was changed from user1 to

My user took over for someone and her domain username was changed from user1 to user2, but her user profile shows user 1 still. Apperently this bugs her and so I have been tasked to fix this.

Do I need to rename her username in the AD to User1 again and create a copied user account called user 2 and then log in and copy the previous profile? Then delete the old? Im concerned with AD having a new user, and what if any implications this may have.


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  1. Very odd policy to rename an account of someone instead of just creating a new account for a new user.

    I suggest you do that. Disable the original account (don't delete it, that's another not-so good practice), and create a new account for the new user with her correct username. You can check and copy group membership rights on the other accunt and easily duplicate it with the new user account. You'd need to create a new email account, etc.. for her, but this is the correct way of doing things.
  2. Yes it was done years ago...I did not have control of this. It is strange because all of our former employees are disabled, not deleted or renamed. I was hoping to keep her domain account the same and somehow associate it to a new profile which i would have her correct username.

    OK I will do what you suggested, it is the easy way for sure. If I copy her existing account when i make a new one, it should copy all her group membership rights and whatnot so this will do...

    Thank you!
  3. There are sometimes very valid reasons for renaming an account. For example, when someone gets married (or, sometimes more delicate, when they get divorced) they may want the name changed. In such a case it would be more appropriate to rename than to create a new account. This used to happen all the time when I managed a Windows 2000 network and I never recall any problems, although it could take a day or so for the change to propogate completely.
  4. Yes but the local profile doesn't propagate. I know it sounds like a waste of time because the users really have no reason to see the name of their profile buuuuut....When a ticket comes in and Im tasked...what can I do.

    It sounds like what I should do is rename the user account back to what it was in AD, create the current user as should have been done, and then copy the profile. Then, disable the old user. We arent using Exchange so I am not worried about mailboxes. I read that you can do this in the registry to rename, but it seems more arduous.

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting on the user to give me a time slot. When I told her it would take ~ 1hour total, she seems dissuaded.

    Thank you everyone
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