Kingston vs corsair question!

Hi everybody!!!
What is the difference?
Corsair RAM DDR2 4GB KIT 8500C5DF
In games? fps? for example (diference is 1,2,3 fps?)
In aplications? load time?
I know Corsair memory is faster but how much faster?
I'm not going to OC my memory.Is it worth to change Kingston with Corsair?
Thank you Very much!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Not really. Your motherboard will usually select the correct speed. The 8500 may benefit if you're going to overclock the cpu. Otherwise, get the cheaper of the two brands. Use cpuid to check your memory speed. If it's less than 400, you can sometimes set the memory speed manually in the bios. 400 is the speed your bios and cpuid will list when you're running at 800.
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