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Well, I'm putting my first build in a few years together. I acquired a thermaltake Armor series case (the full tower black one with the side fan) new in the box at a garage sale for $25 so I plan on using that.

This will be primarily a gaming machine, and I just bought a 24" Dell Ultrasharp 2408 monitor, and have a 22" samsung that will be my secondary display.

Here's the parts that I picked out and I would appreciate any ideas where I can shave some money off or if you see any good areas for upgrades that I missed.

PSU: $150 right now.
CPU: $320
GPU: whatever 4870 is in stock at the time i make the order $310
Motherboard: $290
RAM: $92 (does have a $35 rebate though)
Cooler: need input here, I want to do a moderate overclock (like upto 3.2)
hardrive: 2 of these at $210 a piece

thanks for the help, I already have a retail copy of XP, mouse, keyboard, and gaming headphones.
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  1. Xigmatek Rifle 120mm.. $37

    Build is solid. Motherboard is overkill. P5E Deluxe is fine and its $60ish cheaper. Unless dual LAN is something you really need and all.
  2. Thanks for that input, I'll be adding that cooler and am reading up on that motherboard now.

    Can anyone recommend a good fan controller and what is the general opinion of soundcards vs. onboard sound. I'll be piping it thru a spare onkyo reciever i have into a 5.1 speaker setup.
  3. I hate bumping, but i posted this on the weekend and its rolled down pretty far. I'd like to place an order this week so I get the pieces in time for my bday (little present to myself).

    One added question, other than Noctua fans, any recommendation on some nice decibel to airflow ratio fans?
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