can anybody help me with ecs848p-a

:hello: well here I go, I have a ECS 848p-a mainboard with 2.66 P4 ht and 2 gb of dual ddr 400.

my prob is that the board is not using all my mem it uses 512 of each stick. I have tried every thing, and as a last resort I flashed the bios with a upgrade from ECS. and now all the computer will do is start the fans, and trys to boot from the cd rom and harddrive but it wont start my video card. if the bios was dead it wont try to boot the hdd or cd/dvd would it I am at my wits end here. I need to get this system up and running, anybody HELP :ouch: :ouch:
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  1. i am very very sorry to say that but it seems you damaged you're board with a a wrong bios model or something
    that is i am assuming you tried to reset the bios by jumper or battery
    i may be wrong though and dont that sad
    you have a chance if search for electric shop or maintenance places
    they may replace the bios or reflash the Cmos chip useing a special devise
  2. I would check computer geeks for a new board. Try to get as close on the chipset if you don't want to format and reinstall windows. The best chipset for socket 478 was the 865, but it may require a format for the board change.
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