9800gx2 or ATi 4870?

I have researched both of these cards and they seam to perform rather close in most games and apps, any thoughts on what to buy

I currently have a ULTRA 600 watt ATX PSU and Nforce 650i Ultra NON-SLi motherboard.

I know the Visiontek 4870 will work and all and I have extra money so I can afford a 9800gx2, what do you guys think?
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  1. the XFX 9800GX2 is pretty good value for 379.99 now and I love XFX, and the Visiontek HD4870 is good too, I would even upgrade my Ultra 600 Watt ATX PSU for the GX2 if need be. What do you guys think?
  2. Oh come on.

    How many of these threads are you going to start? Get the freaking 4870 - it's more than enough for your 1280x1024 monitor. Or get the 9800GX2. Or get a 4870X2 when it comes out. Just get a card, and be happy with it.
  3. im just asking a serious question these 2 cards are close and I want video card owners to answer, I don't need that...
  4. Well, you've started this thread, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one in the past week or so. People have given you advice, and you just keep opening new threads. Either give it a rest and pick a card, or at least try to keep it confined to one or two threads.
  5. @ cjl - Agreed. How many times can you ask the same questions?

    @ mf2385 - I spent a good deal of time one day trying to help you make an informed decision, though I am not completely sure you really want to listen to everyone's advice. I think you have all of the information you would need to make a choice.

    It's your money. If you want to buy a card that isn't as good of value, but you can boast it's "the best" - go ahead and spend your $$$.

    If you want to listen to advice, read articles, and benchmarks and choose the "best bang for the buck," Go ahead and spend your $$$ on that.

    We are not discouraging people from asking questions, but have over 10 threads to ask the same basic questions (I think it can be summed up like the: "I'm thinking of spending around $600 and want to get a new graphics card - which one(s) should I get?"...follow this by specs and ask another question about motherboards and PSUs as a follow up.)

    Please stop starting the same thing over and over again.

    Pick a card, plug it in, and play some games.
  6. lol.
    but anyway i would get the 9800gx2 is faster and on par with gtx 280 and ur psu is fine im running the 9800gx2 oc with a oc quad with only ea500watts.
  7. ATI might get better but, I have had trouble getting catalyst control to work, if at all. nVidia 9800X2 is more than you need if your resolution is where you say it is. Think of this,if you get a XFC or EVGA 790 motherboard(which has slots for three cards) you can just slap in two 9800x2 cards and have a quad core system easy as 1 2 3 .
  8. don't have the money to buy 2 9800gx2s now, I just want 1 solution for now HD4870 or 9800gx2, I'm not asking the same question, basically its in the same ballpark, but this question is about the 9800gx2 and HD4870.

    I'm sorry about the past threads
    thanks again guys
  9. my mistake,meant to say xfx board. Man go with nVidia 9800x2 card,didn,t you hear me say ati catalyst control sucks.
  10. yeah heard ya heh, do I have to buy a 2 molex to 8 pin connector, cause I don't think my ULTRA 600 watt ATX has an 8 pin
  11. I think my PSU has 2 6 pins
  12. One more thing,you better have two 20 amp rails on your power supply if you do go with the 9800x2 card. If your power supply lacks the two rails with enough power and you don,t want to buy another one then go with the HD4870.
  13. you need one 6 pin and one 8 pin for 9800, both with at least 20 amps each.
  14. well this is my power supply


    what do I need for a 9800 gx2?

    does that fulfill the req?
  15. mf2, are you serious? this is the second utterly useless thread i've seen..

    your obviously not taking anyone's advice, so why continue spamming the forums?
  16. lol im listening to what the guy said before you, I don't know what the heck you're talking about... just ignore if you're not going to help, and yes everything people said is influencing my ultimate decision ok..thanks
  17. be a real enthusiast and go get you a 1000 watt psu , 790 evga board and quit buying crap from tigerdirect(ultra gave you away) newegg is the place you ought to go and they,re not paying me to tell you this.
  18. 600-700 dollar budget dude.. I have to make up my mind if I need to get like a psu/good video card and forget vista 64-bit and 4gigs of ram for now and stick with 2 and xp and the good PSU and video card? from newegg heh
  19. Iam, if you reallly want to help newegg is a good site I know link me to some good PSUs and stuff I should get from my stuff I have now I def need new video card above all else, I don't NEED SLi, i'd settle for 1 powerhouse for now too..
  20. the EVGA 9800GTX+ is out, since I don't have a big monitor and play at lower res maybe this will suit my needs for awhile? I don't need a card for bigger res.. not needed..
  21. i just looked up specks and your psu is not big enough for either card.
  22. excuse me specs
  23. someone just tell me what I should do already and let it be done with! heh
  24. which card? It's big enough for a HD4870 and 9800GTX+
  25. quit looking at watts and start paying attention to amps on the rails
  26. OMG!! get this psu!!! and the nvidia card!!!!


    You know you hate ati and are an Nvidia Fanboy.... so quitcherbitchen and buy the green card.
  27. you need a another power supply or less of a graphics card
  28. For what card Iam?
  29. call yourself the budget enthusiast
  30. :) I have 600 to spend dude
    help me out heh
  31. 279.99 for the psu, then 270 towards the best nvidia u can get!!! like....


    GOGOGO!! Buy it now!!! and give a full report by morning.
  32. why did u give me a link to a gtx 260 tho? what psu
  33. and why do I need a really powerful PSU with like a mid-range-high end card
  34. lol stove's an a55
    i <3 you
  35. you need that PSU to be safe for future power needs!!!! it will handle the FUTURE!!!! ....and save yu money in the long run... Don't skimp on a PSU.

    Cardinal rule#1
  36. someone piece together a good video card at my lower res, that will work great in most every game and anything else I need.. I currently have

    e6850 duo core 2 3.0 (NOT oced)
    2gb pc6400 800mhz
    windows xp pro
    ULTRA 600 watt ATX PSU
    (Geforce 7950GT 512mb ddr2 broken!)
    Nforce 650i Ultra NON-sli mobo
  37. eklipz330 said:
    lol stove's an a55
    i <3 you

  38. haha well I don't have ALOT to spend now so what is conventional for awhile
  39. mf2385 said:
    someone piece together a good video card at my lower res, that will work great in most every game and anything else I need.. I currently have

    e6850 duo core 2 3.0 (NOT oced)
    2gb pc6400 800mhz
    windows xp pro
    ULTRA 600 watt ATX PSU
    (Geforce 7950GT 512mb ddr2 broken!)
    Nforce 650i Ultra NON-sli mobo

    Right here before your eyes......

  40. a gtx 260? hmm idk
  41. and any other upgrades within the budget
  42. errr it may be a damn good psu, but I don't need it now... for that card I don't even need it gtx 280 is a diff story
  43. :hello:

    after reading all your threads

    i think if you buy any of these cards, it wont make you happy. Why? Because once u buy one, ul end up eyeing the others and keep wondering "what if I bought the other one?"
  44. but you can tri sli 260's !!!! it's the future i tell you!! Build your system now to be able to take advantage of future upgrades !!

    Where is your credit card? Time to start shopping!
  45. jason, nah by then ill be playing im waiting for my paycheck and exploring a lot of diff options before I buy, once I buy it's all good, I'll just see how I can get the card better after that like any other enthusiast with a budget, heh
  46. I don't need tri-sli if i had a lot of money lol maybe but im strictly not going over like 600 right now
  47. and don,t forget ,you need ddr3 memory and a x9770 cpu to go with that evga 790i motherboard and that should make you a real enthusiast!
  48. I didnt take you over 600.... do you really have it to spend? You know the end of the month is drawing near... almost bill time again....
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