Is this a good gaming computer setup

I'm new at this sort of thing. Need advice on specs..

Antec 300 case
I have a Asus 95n32-e sli plus motherboard.
The new Geforce gtx 260 895 oc Video card.Vcard is already oc.
c2d e6750
4 Gigs of memory
a 650 pws
500 gig hdd
Creative Labs - Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card.
Window vista.
.. If anyone like to nip pick at my specs.. Let me know if i need to do anything different..........[][#2aff00][/#00639b][/]
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  1. ati 4850 instead of the 260

    save yourself 130$ for the same performance
  2. Yikes... Wish you could sell that board... But oh well...

    Buy a 4850 for sure...
  3. gigabyte x45 board

    4850 for 190 bucks is a steal
  4. This board is a replacement of my other board.This is the one that i was sent..
  5. ok first off if you have to use that sli board go with the 9800gtx+ it is the closest thing to the 4850 and cost a good penny less then the gtx 260. if you can get a different (crossfire board like X38 or X48) board go with the 4870 for sure.

    also the 8400 is a good step up from the 6750 and is only like 15 bucks more.

    other than that you are good to go
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