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I have been researching graphics cards for awhile and can't find a good answer as to why most cards don't have an HDMI port on them. Obviously they come with a DVI to HDMI adaptor, but why would, for example, the 9800GX2 have an HDMI port but the GX280 not? There must be a reason why Nvidia chose to have this on one card but not another. I want to get the best possible picture for my HD monitor and if a card with HDMI is better at certain resolutions, then it would be a decider.
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  1. Well in short, the DVI to HDMI amounts to pretty much the same thing (both are digital signals) the only real difference is the HDMI also outputs sound (many of the ATI cards have a built in sound device for this reason). nVidia could also release one at a later date (as other companies break from the given sample). Personally I would go with an ATI for HDTV (ie.. in a HTPC). I know that when the 9 series came out that most did not have an HDMI (neither did the 8 series).

    I hope this was about as clear as mud.
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