Thermaltake Armor+ silly question

Hi guys,

I know this might sound really silly most of you but I ran out of options on how to deal with that "silly question"

I recently got the Armor+ for my new rig and I have been finding it really difficult to install a 12cm Fan to the top of the case

As you can see from the pic above it looks like a straight forward task but it's not and those who have the case knows what am talking about. There isn't any space for the screws to go in so is there a special way to install the fan or what.

Once again am sorry if the question may seem silly to most of you and thanks for your time

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  1. Does the grill come off? If so I imagine you could get some long flat-head screws that would be almost flush, bring them through from the other side and put a nut and washer on the end to hold the fan in place.
  2. A case mod (thermaltake armor)and a Fan Mod

    That video does show that the top is held on with 1 screw, then the top panel should come off.

    The screws would have to be screwed through from the top with the fan in the case, or if it uses a clamp style to hold the fan.
  3. 1. slide the hood of the toolbox on the top all the way back until it comes off.
    2. unscrew the four screws that hold the "toolbox" and take it out.
    3. unscrew the four larger screws that hold the top cover.
    4. take off the flap doors
    5. slide the top cover towards the front of the case (be careful not to damage top panel wires)
    Hope that works for you.
  4. Thanks allot guys go it :D
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