Gaming PC I'm Building (Need Imput & Help)

hey, This is the first system I'm building and I was hopefully wondering if you guys can rate it out of 10, Give me imput on what I could upgrade to and recoomend games? I'd go for any type of game but I mainly play RTS and FPS

CASE: Antec 900
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula
CPU: Intel Q6600 W/ OCZ Vendetta 2 Cooling
RAM: OCZ REAPER 240PIN PC2-6400 HPC - 4Gig (Might upgrade to 8)
Graphics: ATI 4870 (Might cross fire it, I want a decent cooler that'd fit the cards though)
Power Supply: OCZ GameXstreme 850W (I havn't bought this yet)
Harddrives: x2 Barracuda SATA II 500 Gig (One will be a Slave drive, for games and maybe movies)
Dvd Drive: Pioneer 20x DVDRW - I want another one though, To go with that...Possibly a Blue Ray drive?
OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM (Would it be wise to buy an OEM? My friend said It was buggy)

Keyboard: Razer Tarantula
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder
Mousepad: Maybe Razer eXactMat

I want a decent screen and speakers - I'll be using the sound card that came with the Asus Maximus and I think thats a 7.1

So theres my rig - Its not built yet but thats the spec, Tell me what you think and reccomend upgrades I guess!

So far I have the Motherboard, Case and Prosessor, Buying the RAM, Cooler and DVD Drive next week and then the graphics card and the rest the week after.
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  1. I guess I don't but I great alot of graphics in my spare time and often have quite a few programs open..

    And maybe I don't need 8 gig but Imight upgrade to it sometime heheh

    What do you think of it so far?
  2. Well its ok..

    900 is going to be a tight fit with 2 4870s...

    I don't like that RAM, it tends to have voltage troubles on some boards.
  3. I didn't say I'd get two, I might - Though I could upgrade to 4780 X2 When it comes out

    and If you can reccomend any better ram that comes with cooling then go head man
  4. RAM cooling is a complete waste of money.

    This stuff here is good:
  5. Ah cool, I'll deffonatly think about it but I'm swaying more towards the RAM I chose because I've looked hard to find a decent price for everything on my list, If it messed up I'll deffonatly use that RAM as a back up
  6. Can anyone else fully explain if OEMs are buggy or not? I know you can only install them on one system and its just the OS without the case but I want to make sure man
  7. Huh? Your question makes no sense man.
  8. OEM OS's man, Insted of buying Retail you can buy Oem's

    My friend told me they're buggy
  9. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

    It essentially means that the creator sells it to people like Dell, who then put it on their computers. As far as I know, Vista OEM is just Vista, but without the fancy package.

    Though I don't know much...
  10. Your friend has no clue what he is talking about.

    Buying the OS OEM (or System Builder 1pk as its called) is buying the same exact CD that comes in a retail package minus the box and manual which you don't need anyway.
  11. awesome, Thanks alot =]

    Also, Something really n00bish but.

    Would I need to set up the bios? I mean I know I might have to set it up to read my CD drive but do you think my motherboard would automaticly pick everything up or would I have to set it?
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