Recovery disk for an acer

I have an Acer and I don't have a recovery disk when I bought it. I need to send my desktop back to the factory can you send me a recover disk if you can't please tell me how I can get a free recovery disk?
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  1. Sorry, we do not have copies of Acer OEM window 7. You have to contact Acer for a new copy.
  2. on new computers you have to make the recovery DVD's yourself i would say about 60% of people don't make them the only thing you can do is contact Acer and ask them for some it may be a shipping and handling charge but it shouldn't be much more than 20-50
  3. acer have a built in recovery partition

    i think its alt + f10 to access it

    also they have erecovery software that lets you make your own recovery discs if you can get into windows
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