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Hi Everyone,

My power supply died the other night from my 3 year old Sonata so I figured it’s time to put the old rig to rest. I want to upgrade my PC for some gaming but don’t want to break the bank. My processor/motherboard choice is really got me stumped, since things have changed a lot in the past few years.

What I was initially thinking about doing was getting an E7200 an over clocking it. If this were my option, what MB could I choose to include some decent crossfire action with 2x4850's? Would this CPU limit me?

Second choice would be to go for the E8400 and over clock a bit, but then my dilemma is the differenced from the p45 board vs. the x38/48. After reading some reviews I see that the x48 does have better performance over the p45.

Sorry for the long run off but I’m really stuck on the Mb and CPU. My first thought was to just get the E7200 and upgrade the CPU later if I could. Also, what do you think about re-suing the Sonata case, sticking the new PSU in? I really like the design and would hate to see it go.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Current build idea:

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  1. E8400 would be the best overclocker, but may be not worth the extra money to some. To me for my main rig, hell yes.

    Special $30 savings w/ ASUS P5Q Pro combo, ends 7/15

    Pick up a P5Q Pro. It's a solid overclocker. Saves you $30 in the end. The only drawback is the Crossfire will be at X16 & X8 (black slot). That's the P45. X38/48 does X16/X16 CF.

    Reuse the Sonata case. It's pretty well build in terms of quality & ease of install (side-way harddisk cage).
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