cheap gaming system for under 600

can you guys tell me if this is a good set. i am hoppiong that you guys could direct me into building a better system bu also a cheaper one. case $49.99 gpu $169.99 memory $39.99 mob $111.99 cpu $184.99

the total for this setup is about 564.95 w/o shippinw

Well the only game that i really play is css but i am considering on buing the game crysis and i just want to know if this setup is going to be able to play it?

Please reply
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  1. For the same price you can get the 4850 GPU. It'll smash the 8800GT and even the 9800GTX. Different motherboard if you plan on going with dual GPU's, especially dual ATI cards. Look for something with the X48 chipset. I'm likely about to order the Asus P5E Deluxe. For a single GPU solution, just find a different motherboard with a single PCIe x16 slot, should be the same price.
  2. 4850 gpu, e8400 cpu, gigabyte p35-ds3 mobo. much better, about the same price
  3. Get the E8400 instead of the E6850. If you are looking for quad cores, get the Q6600. If budget performance is more your type, get the E7200. The 4850 does perform better than the 8800GT. Get a P45 motherboard or go for a X38 motherboard.
  4. You can save money by going with a Gigabyte DA-P35-DS3L too. It's not able to CF though.
  5. What about


    Do you need a power supply? If yes i suggest

    It would cost 524$ without psu. With psu it would be 623$ and you would get mail in rebates for psu and GPU. You can tke more time than me and look everything in details but in 10 minutes this is what i can gather to improve yout build. Good luck!

    EDIT: If you dont need power supply take the e8400 processor!
  6. i already said that :)
  7. if you know how to overclock get the e7200(saves you like 60 bucks and overclock 3.6 on stock cooling so basically amazing budget cpu if not i second the e8400

    as far as gpu like other said get the 4850 it will last you much longer performance wise the asus is solid and cheap

    that motherboard is designed for sli so if you have an ati card that then i say go with the p35(unless you plan on crossfire then go with the p45
  8. yeah go with the e7200, ati 4850, and i would try to get a cf motherboard in case you want to add a second card in the future.

    get the 8400 if you plan on encoding and stuff like that because the extra cache help. but for gaming 7200 great and it will oc great

    for power supply i would go for ultra you would have to get one at tiger because they don't sell them at newegg. every budget system i built (5) i used ultra power supply's all never paid more then $60 and each of them are working great haven't had one failed, and they are all covered under a lifetime warranty. or maybe im just a lucky one

    just look at reviews on parts and do your homework and you'll have a great system
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