Q6600 > Core 2 Quad Q9650 ... worth the upgrade?

I posted a similar question before about the q9450, and reached the conclusion from responses on this board that it was a lateral move. Now I am considering the q9650. Basically i got the ASUS p5k premium specifically because it could be upgraded to 45nm. Now I am thinking that this will be the only option for upgrading this board before all new Intel CPU's come out next year.

Is this the best option for an upgrade with this current Gen?

I have my q6600 running at about 3.0GHZ already, do you think there is more overclock headroom with the q9650? will i notice a difference?

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  1. umm I would not upgrade, just oc it to 3.4-3.6 ghz and save up for future cpus
  2. don't you need water cooling for that? I just have a Zalman on there.
  3. Nope ... sounds like a waste of money unless you can flog off the Q6600 to a mate for a good price.

    Push the Q6600 up to 3.2Ghz or higher... problem solved on air with minimal overvolt.

    Save your money and upgrafe to a Nehalem mobo and chip after all of the fuss and you can get value for money.

    The difference between IPC for the 6 and 9 series processors would not be enough to warrant the money you would pay ... it is only a matter of 5 to 15% for most tasks anyway ...

    Just push your cpu a bit further as it is.

    Get a good heatpipe cpu cooler if you havn't already got one ... just an idea tho ... and make sure the airflow in the case is good.

    Hope this helps - I am sure many will disagree with me.
  4. I think I would go with the Q9550 @ 2.83.. You save some cash for minimal performance difference.
  5. Assuming the 6600 is OC'd, you want to spend several hundred for a 2-3 FPS increase?
  6. Not worth it in my opinion.
  7. ^+1
  8. Don't waste your money. The q6600 at 3.0 is plenty fast and an upgrade will bring minimal performance. You should be able to push that to 3.2-3.4 on air. Save that money for Nehalem.
  9. alvine said:
    umm I would not upgrade, just oc it to 3.4-3.6 ghz and save up for future cpus

    Future high-end CPUs for S775? I don't think so. What we see now is what we'll get (in my humble estimation).
  10. Wow...

    Something which someone might be inclined to believe could have the appearance of something which could be described as a consensus.

    I guess I should go home a shoot myself now, as this is a sure sign the Antichrist has arrived. :D

    Oh yeah - OP - Save the money, overclock what you have now if you feel you need the extra. Instead maybe buy a new (GPU/Soundcard/EZ~Bake Oven) for your computer if you need the project.
  11. OP: Only if you "need" a bigger ePeen
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