Western Digital, Samsung, or Seagate?

I plan on building a RAID 0 array consisting of two disks from one of the following hard drive makes. Any opinions/experiences on which is best? They all seem quite similar to me, but I was just wondering if anybody had something to say about one or more of the makes.


Western Digital:

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  2. as a point of preference i would stay as far away from samsung as you can, i bought three drives of theres and had to get three replacements all within like 6-7 months, of the three replacements two died within a few months and one is still kinda running to this day. i decided not to even bother with trying to replace the replacements as they were refurbs anyways. hope thats a help to you!
  3. Thanks greatly for the replies. andrew66553, that was exactly the kind of experience I was looking for, thanks for the heads up. OvrClkr, do you mind me asking what makes the Samsung F3 better than the others that I listed? When I looked at the specs on newegg, the hard drives seemed to be very similar (besides the capacity. 320gb vs. 500gb).
  4. To be honest, when I buy a drive the first thing I look at is reliability and speed. I have built several PC's using Caviar Blacks and have friends that have built with the F3's and to this date I have not seen/heard of any issues so far. When you buy a platter drive you always have a small % of failure rate no matter what. So try to get a brand/model that has a good track record and you should be fine. Last time I built a PC with a seagate drive it had bad sectors and ended up RMA'ing the drive. Since then it's been all Western Digital for me...

    My suggestion is a Caviar Black, they just work.... F3's have a good track record also, I guess its a matter of taste. To this date I have purchased around 10 Black drives for raid arays and (knock on wood) not one issue so far...

    Look at the reviews and you will see what I mean =)
  5. Ah, now I understand. Thanks very much for the recommendation.
  6. Western Digital got the more reliable hard drive right now. Still, it will never match the old Seagate... but the new Seagate... how can a company goes from the best to the worst manufacturer?
  7. I've been using WD exclusively for qbout 15 years and never lost a byte of data that wasn't my fault.
  8. +1^^ lol , IDK what the hell happen... Seagates were tier 1 drives back in the day... Of course this does not apply to all seagates, there are many that have 0 issues as well, I just don't want to take that chance again...
  9. Another +1 for the WD Blacks. The F3s do look good tho...

    PS: Just make sure you have good backups. RAID0 offers no redundancy.
  10. Shadow703793 said:
    Another +1 for the WD Blacks. The F3s do look good tho...

    PS: Just make sure you have good backups. RAID0 offers no redundancy.

    Yeah, that's why I am having a separate 500gb hard drive off my RAID 0 array for my precious music and movie files. I'm going to install only the OS (including games and programs) on my array. It's of my understanding though, that RAID 0 arrays have higher chances of failing and eminently lose data, but I'm assuming this phenomena doesn't occur often. Especially when one buys decent hard drives. Am I wrong on this one?
  11. My 640's have been in Raid0 since x-mas of last year and not one hiccup so far....
  12. Ok, cool. That's very reassuring. Thank you.
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