qx6850 still good?

hi was wondering if the core 2 extreme qx6850 is a god deal for $239?

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  1. Yes its a great deal
  2. A good deal considering the unlocked Multiplier
  3. ^+1. If you aren't OCing that's a waste but you really can't get a QX for less than $300 usually.
  4. Heh.. since when could you get a QX6850 for $300??

    Only a great deal if it is an official Extreme Edition that hasn't be abused, and the seller can be trusted.
  5. plus 1 for grimmy


    qx9700 for $400, but its a new seller... too bad =[...i wudnt buy it anyhow, i would spend the extra 150 on a q9650
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