Motherboard and Ram compatibility question

I recently built a new computer, 1st timer here....

I may have made the mistake of getting incompatible RAM with the motherboard, but... it sort of works.

this is what i have for the motherboard:

this is what i have for RAM:

After often crashing the first couple days, I took out one of the sticks of RAM, and it has been stabilized a bit better, although I get wicked freezing every now and then that makes my computer reboot on its own....

I recently realized, today, that my motherboard supports DDR2 800, and my current RAM is DDR2 1000.

Is this a big problem and possibly the reason why my computer has been rebooting and freezing?

If not, what should I do??

If so, should I get this (DDR2 800):

Sorry if this is a total newb question, but I just want to make sure I'll do the right thing, whatever that may be.
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  1. Go to the ram vendor's web site and use their memory configurator for your mobo/chipset. Here is the one for Gskil:

    I don't think your ram is on it.
  2. Memory Standard DDR2 1066

    That's what it says on the specs of your mobo. Yes, your current RAM is responsible for the problems. Correct RAM is very important.

    Buy DDR2 1066 RAM
  3. Just examined MSI's site RE:P45 NEO 3 Fr no mention of GSkill ram,it lists Buffalo,Crucial,Corsair,Kingston,Mushkin,Ocz,now all you need is the supported voltages of your mobo and away you go,take your pick..:)
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