XFX 780i Memory Issues

Hello, This is my first post on a forum, please be patient with me.
Thanks ahead of time.

I Built a new system, first one in many years. I'm running a 780I SLI board with 4gb of ram. I'm running windows 32bit, I know that 32bit windows should only recognize 3.25gb of ram. But for some reason the pc is only seeing 2.75gb of ram. I check BIOS, and it does recognize all 4gb, as I expected it. I called XFX they said that my system is using memory addressing, thats why i'm not seeing that last 512mb of ram. I'm obviously not using onboard graphics, and that was the only device i've ever seen that "steals" ram from windows. I checked my BIOS it was last updated on 7-11-08, so a little older, but I don't believe the BIOS update would affect this issue. I'm not sure what other info you might need, but i'm running a Core 2 Duo e8400 3ghz, with 1333mhz fsb and 6m L2 Cache. My GPU is a XFX GEforce 9800GTX+. Any other info that may help, please let me know.

Thanks again
Newb Builder
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  1. Hey buddy,

    You're problem isn't a problem - it's something that all users will get depending on their video card / installed components

    Your computer is 'seeing' and 'using' the 4GB but addressing can use up to 1.25GB of memory for larger video cards (like the 9800GTX+) and components. and 4GB - 1.25GB is...... you guessed it! If you use Windows Vista 32 Bit, with all the latest updates and SP - it will display the full 4GB now, but that is only so that people don't freak out. Addressing still exists there.

    If you want 4GB dedicated to your system for whatever reason that may be, Vista x64 is the way to go with at least 6GB ram.

    I am running 8GB DDR 3 1600mhz on Vista x64 and have had no issues and great performance gains.

    You may have people who will try to tell you that you don't need more than 2GB DDR2+ now days - but don't listen, they are n00bs. The more the better! My Vista load time now with 8GB DDR3 - 6 Seconds. Woot!

    Hope that helped, and keep building - it's a great hobby and not too hard nowdays ;-P
  2. Heya!

    A million thanks for the response. I talked to some of my friends and they all agreed that my issue would be resolved by upgrading to Vista 64bit as well. So Today I ordered Vista Ultimate 64bit, along with 4 2GB Ram Chips, if i'm gonna do this, I may as well do it right!

    So now the geek in me is more curios than anything. Let me explain: With the setup I listed, the system is using 1.25GB of ram for memory addressing, makes sense. So just for the sake testing I pulled a single 1GB chip, thinking that I should now have 1.75GB or ram left due to memory addressing. Wrong my system still reads 2.75GB of ram. So my question is: Am I putting to much thought into this, or am I missing something?

    Not that I really need all this power for the games I play, but I figure may as well learn as I build.

    Thanks again everyone for taking time to read and respond!!
  3. Hey mate,

    Your system will use 'up to' 1.25GB of memory addressing. This value will lower the less RAM you have in your rig. So now you will have 250mb dedicated to memory addressing.
    You're not looking too far into it dude, this is the fun of getting into this stuff - the curiosity and search to find out what makes these components tick. This site is full of some well informed users that can fill you in on everything.
    Don't worry about too much power either lol
    I'm running the following rig:

    Striker II NSE mobo
    QX9550 @ 3.6GHZ
    Aquagate liquid cooling installed on CPU and northbridge
    8GB G Skill DDR3 1600 MHz
    3 X GTX280 XXX Edition in triple SLi
    1 X BD Player
    1 X BD Recorder
    8 X Fans
    Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W PSU
    All bundled up into a Thermaltake Armour 6000+ Full tower case.

    Even with this rig, and after overclocking everything - I can't get Crysis to run at the ridiculously high detail levels I would like on my 24" Monitor. :-(

    There must be more I can do though.... lol

    Oh yeah, and Good choice with Vista x64. If you purchase it retail you get a copy of both 32 and 64 Ultimate which is a good little package. Only a hundred bucks more than OEM as well :-)
  4. Heya,

    Ok I think i'm getting this now!

    I was cheap and got the OEM instead of retail. I already own Vista Premuim 32bit so I figured not worth the extra money. When I recieve the Vista 64Bit I'll be back with more questions i'm sure ^-^

    I think in the mean time I think i'll reinstall that 1GB chip lol.

    Thanks again for the responses, and quick at that!

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