Intel Core 2 Extreme vs AMD Opteron x4

i want to know what better the Intel Core 2 Extreme or AMD Opteron x4
anyone know the benchmarts on both i plan to build a new pc but im not sure what cup is best can anyone help
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  1. State your Budget and What you want to do with your system.
    Folks will help you put it together.

    Asking about a single part in isolation does not work.
    You need to look at the whole system.
  2. well...opterons are server processors, not necessarily the best for a home pc considering their price as well as the motherboards and reg ecc ram you will likely need. The Core 2 Extreme are very fast processors, more suited for a desktop. If you can tell us what you want to use the pc for (gaming, video editing, etc) people will be able to give more advice.
  3. i want to know benchmarks because i plan opn 3 GUP nvida 9800 and ill take my 2 hdds i got in this computers 320 and 500 money not and option i just want a law suet im get 1.2mil and i want build the best pc i can.
  4. Well, you don't want 9800's then. Get an X48 chipset, a QX9770, and a pair of ATI 4870x2s. You will then have the best computer for about a month or two.
  5. ^Well in that case the best choice would be a QX9650. Core 2 Quad is currently about 5-10% better IPC clock per clock compared to AMDs current chips Phenom and does OC much better as well.

    BTW you should go for 2 ATI Radeon HD4870X2s because they are better than the 9800 series and are going to be betetr for gaming in the end.

    Or you could wait a few months and get one of Intels new Core i7 chips that will probably be a better choice for all around CPU.
  6. You should use your lawsuit money to learn to read and write. I doubt a person with a 2nd grade education posses the skills to assemble a pc.
  7. Since you got the money why not build 2 rigs? One OCed to the max with LN2(which will obviously kill the CPU,etc only used for bragging rights) and the other OCed to a very good level with a TEC(reguler gamin,every day work)?

    Or better yet get a rig like this:

    And just add a 4870X2.

    Imo, you'd be better off spending $2k-3k and putting the rest in the bank or buy a high end car. Your rig will be "old" by middle of next year. And donating some money (to breast cancer research,etc wouldn't hurt either (hint: Tax break).
  8. Start with $1.2m

    Less approx 41% for Federal and state income taxes: $780,000

    Less the standard 33% of the original settlement ($396K) for your lawyer's contingency fees leaves you $384,000

    So $384K at 8% from a nice, conservative money market gives you $30,720 a year. While the principal can't be taxed any more, since you paid it once already. You will still have to pay income tax on your earnings. So $18,432 a year to take home, or $1,536 a month.

    So YES! - Buy yourself a computer! But you better not quit your day job.
  9. ^ ^+1. Investing in AMD stocks might be a good idea too :lol:
  10. or hell, take that $384k and buy yourself an old Cray. That'll get some good benchmarks and can probably net you some tax credits if you loan it to a university every now and then :p
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