8800 GTS SLI confusion

I am having a hard time finding the right 8800 GTS to couple with my existing one for SLI

I hear that SLI for that card is good (from what i've read on the forums here) so I decided to find another.

I have an EVGA 8800 GTS SSC edition 640 MB (OCed to as fast as an GTX, factory OC btw) and I cant seem to find any online. I'm in Canada so the website selection is minimal (no newegg), I used Tigerdirect when I built my computer and all went well.

I see various OCed editions and I dont know what one to get, compatability is what im concerned about here

EVGA 8800 GTS KO edition (512 MB): http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3728403&CatId=3585

EVGA 8800 GTS KO edition (640 MB):

EVGA 8800 GTS (640 MB)

The latter two look just like my existing one, dont matter just an observation... I dont know how to OC cards and i'm a bit scared of it so the 640 KO one looks to be the one i might get, I lost the crysis CD key for the disk I got with my old GTS (same deal) so that would be nice too.

Please advise me of what I should get or do, thinking of going to a 9800 GTX maybe...
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  1. EVGA doesnt seem to be making the 640mb ones anymore, at least not on their site.
    but the 640 KO will be your best bet.
    I'm not an SLI expert though.
  2. I guess they have some still in stock at Tiger, would I be able to run a 512 with my existing 640? just a question the money not involved, I would think that would be silly to not keep with a 640.

    I just remembered what I was really concerned about, the stream processors are less on the KO (640) than the regular (640) card, the KO is 96 and the regular 96+

    I remember knowing that the 96+ means it runs at 112 regularly but will go down down to 96 for a lesser card. Important?
  3. No, you can't run the 512 with a 640. I'd get the KO version (640).
    It may drop you to 96 SPs, but the 512MB version won't work at all. It uses the G92 core, wheras yours uses the G80.
  4. ok I guess i heard wrong then, My SSC edition card runs 1 MHz slower on its core clock than the GTX

    anyhow another question, two 8800 GTS cards in SLI good?
  5. the newer 512 ones have a full 128 SPs.
    KO means "knock out" in EVGA language it just means its factory overclocked
  6. I know that, but thanks for that ranking there. It should be fine to put that together, KO and SSC, theyre just different OCs?
  7. You'll want a 112 SP 640MB version, not a 96 SP.

    Have any friends in the USA? The Card is not priced too bad now.
    Otherwise maybe ebay will be your only hope.
  8. thanks for clearing it up pauldh. I thought they were the same.
  9. ^ Well, you're right really. The cards were/are available both ways, so who knows what versions are laying around. It supposedly even works to SLI the 96 with the 112, but I'd personally rather have another 112 SP model. (96+ model) for SLI rather than the old 96 SP model.
  10. EVGA's website has a 640mb SSC in the B-Stock section for $200US.
  11. hi im new to this but i need some help, i have just bought another evga 8800 gts 640mb acs3 ko edition and ran 3dmark06 (Full version) with a single card i get 9724 but when i sli them i get 9089 thought thats abit strange. here is my rig

    e6850 x2 3.0ghz
    6gb adata ddr2 800 6400
    evga 680i mobo
    2x 8800gts ko sli
    500gb hdd
    coolmaster 650w psu

    i thought with sli i should be pushing 12k
    the sli is all setup ok
  12. Not to sound stupid or anything, but you did enable SLI, right?
  13. ya done everything. just dont get it
  14. It would be cheaper to get 2 new 8800gt's than try to find another GTS 640.
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