Can someone tell me if my PC is ok with these settings please

i think i overclocked my cpu but im unsure if its safe.
in the bios i selected unlinked and set the cpu fsb 1750 and voltage 1.36 here is a ss can someone say if its safe to leave it like this or have i got a miss match? its the best i could do and keep the pc stable. i left the ram settings at 1333Mhz and only played with cpu

Mobo: Striker II Extreme /NSE 790i
CPU: Q9550
RAM: DDR3 1333Mhz
Big water 760i cpu cooler
HD: 250Gb
PSU: 700W
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More about settings please
  1. Yeah, your temperatures look good...and I think you're fine with the voltages because your computer runs pretty cool. Have you tested it with Prime95?
  2. Thanks for the info guy's i appreciate it.

    I ran Prime95 over all cores for 10mins and it help at 100% and cpu temps were 59-63c

    do you think i should lower the voltages a bit? if so what would you suggest i try?

    I have never overclocked b4 so this is all new to me and i must admit its also a worry. so im grateful to your reassurance :)
  3. you should have been able to hit that clock speed with stock volts.
  4. I set the cpu volts to 1.15625 and pc would not boot so i tried 1.18125 and pc booted but bsod so i tried 1.22500 and 1.26250 and pc was ok but after running prime95 1 core stopped working after a 4min run so i set the volts to 1.28125 and ran prime95 and this was the result:

    Would you say this was ok for me to run this pc everyday and play games on, im a heavy pc user so i will work it hard.
  5. Those are some nice temps...really ;)
  6. If you find that 3.8Ghz is good, you may want to stress test longer to ensure that the OC is stable. Usually I stress test for 6+ hours :lol:
  7. 1.36v is the limit by Intel. It's the very highest you can go.
    I usually do not exceed 10% over stock voltage for longevity of the processor.
  8. First of all thanks for the reply's i appreciate ur help.

    I just ran occt for a 1hr period and cpu temps were between 60-64c but on 59min all the core went from 100% to 0% and i don't know why :( is this normal ?
  9. Idk...I've never tried occt. Normally I use Prime95 for stress testing. And it works, after a while it gives errors if it's unstable.
  10. Use Prime95, I've used OCCT and find that Prime95 is easier to use.
  11. Hi,
    anyone know what the voltage maonitoring software is in the left of the OP's original picture?
  12. AKM880 said:
    Use Prime95, I've used OCCT and find that Prime95 is easier to use.

    I read this message to late as ive ran occt for 2hrs and i got good results.

    all cores held at 100% and program said "test passed without errors" :) thats 1.297vcpu 1790fsb max temps after 2hr run was 64c and cpu temp was 59c -64c

    odd tho that in the bios i now have the cpu votage set to 1.297 yet in occt its reading 1.33 vcore.

    ill run prime95 later and see if all is ok.

    Thanks again guy's for all your great advice.


    well on the right side Its asus pcprobe and came with my mobo on a cd.
  13. Err..yes...left, right never been a strong point lol!
    Cheers, does it work on other boards does anyone know?
    Thanks for that arty!
  14. I'm pretty sure Asus probe is only for Asus motherboards but I haven't tried it on a "non-Asus" board yet, lol.
  15. I was using prime 95 until I came across Intel Burn Test which is an interface made to simplify usage of Intel's linpack, the latter is said to be used by intel itself to stress-test the chips after production..IBT raised the temps more than P95 and showed my OCed CPU is unstable (I got BSOD within few minutes) inspite of running P95 for an hour without a problem..The short version: It stresses the whole system much more and shows errors much earlier..
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