Can all damaged harddrives be used as an external storage??

Guys having a problem with my harddisk seems it cannot boot to windows any more and though trying effortlessly on recovery and reformating it still is useless can i buy a adaptor or a enclosure to still use my hard drive cause it's such a waste not to be used anymore
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  1. If you don't give any information as to why your drive might not function anymore there's little we can do to help.

    When asking for help, be sure to provide the information necessary for others to provide that help:

    1) post what product you are having problems with
    2) post what hardware you connected it to (motherboard/chipset)
    3) post what you have tried to identify the problem
    4) post the diagnostic information provided by the harddrive itself (SMART information)

    etc. without any of this any reply you will get will be useless and unhelpful.
  2. What would you use the drive for? It has proven itself unreliable. What data would you therefore put on it?
  3. its a WD Scorpio just for transfering some big files and some back up storage and if possible can be used as a main harddrive again
  4. its from an insprion 1525 laptop
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