Choppy audio after fresh install

Hi, I just reformatted my pc and reloaded a slightly different version of XP on it. Now my audio becomes choppy about every minute or two just for a few seconds, nothing else happens (video will continue to play fine, computer doesn't slow down). I don't notice a memory or cpu spike during the choppiness so I'm not sure what could be causing this. I didn't have this problem before I reformatted, I'm using the exact same audio driver that I had before.

Any ideas?

(HP Pavillion a250n)

Thanks Tom Shardware
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  1. I should add, I just tried a third party sound card and got the same slow, choppy result.
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  3. Good idea, that seemed to work. Thanks.
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  5. Of course after I posted that I got choppy audio. I tried both mp3 decoders, didn't make a difference. Seems to be doing it less w/ K-Lite but who knows.
  6. Thanks for giving me best answer. Have you tried reinstalling your audio driver or updating it using DeviceManager ? Hope you get a permanent fix. From Start/ run type DXDIAG. click the audio tab, run the check and see if it shows any problems
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