AMD 2.3 Ghz Phenom 9600 AM2 Quad Core Overclocking

Hey there folks. I was wondering what was needed to OC my CPU.

Currently my RIG concists of:

Gigaybyte 585 WATT Odin PSU.
2.3 GHZ Quad Core Phenom 9600- Black Edition.
MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard, 1066 FSB.
2 x 2 Kingston 1066 Hyper X DDR-2 Memory
MSI Geforce Gtx 275 - Twin Frozr OC Edition

Do I need to update my BIOS for the most efficient overclocking?
Will my PSU be able to support higher frequency voltages?

I know these things usually work with trial and error, but I'm just a bit cautious seeing as I haven't done much overclocking in the past.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Don't expect the CPU to get a great overclock, first gen Phenom's weren't at all that good for overclocking.
  2. I've managed to push the FSB to 230, making it run at 2.65 GHZ. Do you guys think this is about as much as I can get? I haven't adjusted the voltages or anything.
  3. Nice overclock, did you test for stability with something like OCCT or Prime95? You need to monitor temps while stress testing aswell.
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