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Well, I solved my problem with the XFX 9800 GTX when my 4850 fried itself but I have a more specific question for a friend in a different state that I'm trying to help. My 9800 GTX is HUGE. Fully took up 2 slots all the way to the back of my mobo. Does anybody here know if either of the PCIE 16 slots on a ASUS P5N32 SE Mobo have that kind of room? My friend bought the card on sale and is making a trip and needs to know if the new 260 he bought is going to fit. I can't tell from the pictures but I hoped that one of you guys might know someone or have the card and mobo yourself. The 2D top down pics don't tell me much.


PS Of course he is afraid to open his case and do a fitting which is why I ask.
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  1. that dimension on that board is 9.6" take a measurement off the video card. it will clear all components on the board, but fit the card to the case.
  2. uh oh. He says the card is 10.5 inches. Hmmm.

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