XP thinks my DVD burner is a CD-ROM after clean install.

This is lame. Any help would be fantastic, guys and gals.

Getting ready to sell my XP box to a neighbor, told her I'd reformat and reinstall XP (MCE) and give her a pristine computer. So, I go ahead and delete the partitions and do a full format, and install XP. Everything looks fine, installs fine, runs smooth.

Until I try to stick a burned DVD into the DVD burner. XP asks me what I'd like to do with my blank CD-ROM. WTF. The drive itself is even identified as a CD-ROM drive.

So I install Nero. That lets me burn a DVD...which the drive will then read. It will also read factory DVDs. But it thinks burned discs are CD ROMS

Then I decided to swap out the drive with my DVD burner in my Win7 box. Same damn thing. Identified as a CD-ROM drive. I deleted and reinstalled the drivers. I activated and deactivated the device. I even did a firmware update.

Finally, I reinstalled XP...and I get the same thing again. This is prior to any DVDburn software being installed, and the problem remains even after I intall software. XP sees the device correct, correct model number on both drives...but insists that they are CD-ROMs.

I am all out of ideas. Registry error? Twice on two distinct installations? The drive is recognized in my Win7 box as a DVD burner with no probs at all.

System specs:

Core 2 Duo E6600
MSI P965 Platinum
2 GB Patriot
620 Watt Fortron Source PSU
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  1. Yes,but what brand/model of DVD RW drive is it?
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