DFI LP LT X48-T2R question

For the onboard audio, should I connect it to the AC97 or HDAudio on my case?. With a Q6600 and DRR2-800, what should the speed be set for the ram speed? 266/800? 333/800? or 400/800?
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  1. I don't know about the onboard. I usually have to try both and one of them will work. I think I have used HDAudio with the most success so I would try that first.

    If you want to keep everything at stock (why would you on a DFI?) than you will want the 266/800 setting. If you plan on OCing than you should lower it to 400/800 until you finish OCing.
  2. im assuming when headphones are plugged into the front case, the speakers at the back will stfu? i don't want to have to plug in my soundblaster live from 100 years ago along with the liveDrive just for plugin-headphone-turnsoff-speakers feature. it will destroy my airflow + power
  3. Yeah, the speakers will stop. If they don't there is always a setting in your drivers to adjust that.
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