E8400 Overclock on Asrock board

Hi I have Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
1 x Asrock motherboard G41M-LE LGA775 DDR2 microATX
1 x OCZ 4GB PC2-8500 DDR2 1066MHz Gold Dual Channel (2x2GB)
1 x Gainward GeForce 9500GT Graphics Card 1024MB PCI-E VGA/DVI-I
1 x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 SATA2 7200RPM 32MB cache

Problem with overclocking, when I enter bios and go to manual cpu setting I get 333mhz and PCIe is 100, ratio value is 9
If I try and up it from 333mhz, when I get it past 345mhz the computer freezes and pcie goes up to 103mhz...any ideas would be gratefully received
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  1. the instability you're experiencing it's most likely for the upped pcie freq, to avoid that u have to lock the PCIe freq with an option somewhere in BIOS (most likely where u are, manual cpu setting "Lock PCIe freq" usually)
  2. Quote:
    You have it set to Auto, need to set it to where the pcie doesnt go up when you up the fsb. Same with memory, you need to set your cpu/fsb ratio to where the ram doesnt go over 1066 or not much over. If the ram runs faster than it can handle you will have instability problems.

    Thanks, but cant find anywhere in bios to untie the memory/pcie from cpu either in auto or manual
  3. Long time have past since started this post but maybe I have luck.
    @jakethepeg did u managed to overclock this motherboard. Because here is definitely some trick.
    Its the 3rd G series Asrock motherboard and everyone freezes exactly at 345Mhz.
    On my previous motherboard I easily overclocked my E8400 at 3.4Ghz (~370Mhz).
    The motherboard is R2.0 supporting 1600Mhz.
    And the fact that at 344 is working w/o problems and 345 is nothing prove that is not over clocked nothing.
    So if u read this pls reply to me.
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