( Shopping for a New HD) Any Good Items Under $50

Hello, I'll like to get someone else ideas about what is the best HD to buy under 50$....
But there is a catch to this all, I am going to be shopping on and yes I am loyal to them :)

What would be the best HD for the dollars, I'm talking about speed, GB, performance wise and yes SATA it must me...
Please give me your reason why your choice in HD is the best one. Spec wide can be also
Average Seek Time
Average Write Time
Average Latency
I would also like to know what is the people choice in HD these days.. Help me do little bit of shopping..

Thank you..
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  1. Under $50

    Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD322HJ 320GB - $49.99

    Fastest average latency. All other specs were the exact same between other compared HDD's.

    Just over $50...

    Western Digital Caviar Green WD6400AACS 640GB - $59.99

    More capacity and lower power requirements, same access/seek as others in same price range
  2. I found an 160GB on ebay for only 20.00 New........
    Got to love the deals
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