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Hello,yesterday i scanned my comp and found the following type of threats:
trojan horse
for adware.purityscan a reboot was i rebooted my comp and to my surprise the computer slowed down than before,slower than the time the threats were not detected and were probably active.i suspect sth happened in between rebooting process.
Now the conditions are worse in my comp.i close a window the cpu usage races up to 80%.when i try open a game the cpu usage rockets upto 100% and the comp looks as if the virus attache itself to applications and system processes and even anti virus program and thus making it unable to detect by the antivirus although up to looks like it attaches itself to the AV and takes control over it thus an up to date antivirus cant detect it.
i have formatted my c drive with different Os but the problem presists.Any help?
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  1. Did you do a full format, and reinstall?

    If yes, did you get all the drivers installed?
  2. no i formatted my C drive only and i installed all the drivers from a backup of the programs in my hard drive.
  3. Your C drive only. So do you have a recovery partition, or other storage drives?

    If you reinstalled the drivers from a backup folder of some sort, you may not have the newest drivers. This can cause CPU usage to spike. You may need to update your drivers (most specifically, the chipset).

    Before you go any further, I would also suggest running through the malware guide in my signature, to make sure you got rid of all infections.
  4. Yes i do have other storage partions D,E,andF .F drive contains autorun.inf which is supposed to be a threat but my AV does not recognize it.similarlly ,what about rundll32.dll?is it also a threat?but i think it can't be a driver update problem becoz
    they worked fine about 1 moths ago.rather it could be a affected driver software problem.
  5. Start by running through the malware guide in my signature. That will rule out malware as an issue. Make sure to scan all of the drives.
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