Does RAID1 rebiuld faster than RAID5

Recent built a i7 rig.

920,ASUS Rampage 2E, 6Gb Corsiar.

I install 3 X1TB seagate drives with WinXP Pro x64 OS. Right off the bat a hardrive failed. Fortunately I was able to get it replace no charge. As I setuo raid 5 on the mobo nothing was lost ....we'll except 24 hours to re-sync 40 % of the 2TB raid array. Looks like 1 to 2 more days needed to complete resync basically empty drives . I understand a power outage overly agressive power down will likely also cause a 3 day rebuild.
System does run during raid parity rebuild but is so slow it is really unable. Am begin to rethink the whole raid 5 idea . Beleive the intelmatrix chipset is ICH10R.

Does anyone beleive raid 1 ( mirror ) would recreate a redundancy state any faster ? Please say yes or I may give upon the the raid option altogether. Would like to aviod an expensive UPS purchase as well.

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  1. RAID 5 has poor performance for writes in the best of conditions and abysmal read or write performance during rebuilds. RAID 1 is much better all around, although you can still expect a 2TB array to take quite a few hours to rebuild.
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