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Please forgive what may be a stupid question but I have a pet Peeve with XP. When saving a file to download from the internet with a file sharing program, I am presented with a window asking where to save (or move) the file. It is not always the same window. There are two possible windows one labeled Browse for folder and one labeled Choose where to save. They behave differently but the end results are the same. I have always wondered why, under seemingly identical circumstances, XP can come up with 2 different devices for this task. Although I would love to know the answer what I would really like is to be able to convince it to use the Choose Where to Save File window as the default since it works better for me. I have 20 years experience at being a beginner so please forgive the dumb question but this harmless little thing has annoyed me since the dawn of XP and even my kid has not been able to answer it!
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  1. You should use the settings or options on the file-sharing program to set the download folder you want to save the files.
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