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Cant decide. Is the plextor more expensive simply because it has lightscribe, or because it has lightscribe but is just the superior burner? The Sony is more popular both here and neweeg, but I question is this more because of cost to performance ratio or performance period? Popularity aside I believe I have heard a good share of happy plextor owners here. Which drive is likley to provide a more reliable burn, and which one is likley to provide a more reliable read on scratched discs?
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    I think the Plextor is the better drive.
    My DVD writer is a LiteOn with Lightscribe, and I can recommend it, it should be cheaper than the Plextor but I find it to be very reliable.
  2. Plextor stopped making drives a long time ago. They have licensed their name to LiteOn. So all Plextors you're seeing now are LiteOns in disguise (with a custom firmware and extra software).
  3. I have had decent service from secondhand LiteOn CDRW models -- which is not bad considering they retailed pretty cheap to start with.

    I think some Sony external DVD writers used LiteOn drives -- had problems with mine but I put that down to USB vagaries.
  4. dont ever buy nething from sony other than a vaio... sony nvr wrks n dats wat i keep hearin so dats wat il say..
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