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does a pc take longer hours to start if it is not used for a quite a long period of time.?
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  1. No, that shouldn't effect the startup time.

    As long as the hardware is still functioning properly, it'll still read, write, and process at the same speeds.
  2. i haven't used my pc for a quite a period..recently i assembled it the cpu is starting but
    there is no display on screen (monitor display is fine) ...i left it for more tha 30min but result is same...i pressed del key many times but the same result.....
    can i solve this myself or should i take it to repair
    help me out with possible answers dat i could perform before giving it to repair
  3. So, when you press the power button, the fans start spinning, lights come on, but you don't get any display on the monitor?

    Do you hear the normal beep when it starts up?

    If you hear the beep, make sure the monitor video cable is secure at both ends.
  4. Check the case, something could have jarred loose also, video card maybe.

    Another thing to check, some systems have issues with the motherboard capacitors (very common in some models, rere in others) that would cause odd issues such as working one day, not the next day. Look on the motherboard for any puffy or outright leaking capacitors. Even a little bit of puffiness is not good, they should all be flat (look at ones with X on the top especially).
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