Dozens of BSODs with different errors

I'm running desktop Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3.
The PC has always had probs w/ the IE and Firefox browsers closing. However, if I don't turn off the PC, the probs did stop after a week. I had maybe a couple BSODs which pointed to the graphics driver, which I uninstalled and then reinstalled and updated.

I had to turn my PC off a few weeks ago. And since then the probs have gone thru the roof. I have dozens of BSODs all pointing to different reasons. The browser windows close ALL the time. I've performed the Memtest86, and no errors. I've updated the drivers. I even uninstalled the graphics card and the errors did not change. They do however, seem to be less frequent if I log in as an Administrator in Safe Mode.

The hardware I have installed is listed below:

CPU: Phenom X4 9750
RAM: 2 of Centon 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory
Graphics: Galaxy 84GFE6HDFEXN GeForce 8400 GS Video Card - 512MB GDDR2, PCI Express 1.0 x16
Mobo: XFX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard

I have dozens of the minidump files individually or combined in a zip file, but I do not see a place to attach files. You will need the minidumps to determine the cause. Please let me know how to get the minidumps up on this forum for review.
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  1. You can't attach files to your post. You'll have to upload them to a media sharing site, such as rapidshare.

    If you're getting so many different BSODs, try updating the BIOS first.
  2. TY, I've looked over the BIOS and to the best of my ability I believe it is correct. Although, I am not completely confident in my understanding of BIOS.

    I'm looking into rapidshare now to insert the minidumps.
  3. It's not the BIOS settings that I was referring to. If you go to the driver download section for your motherboard, it should have all your drivers, but there should also be BIOS updates. Look at the most recent version, and then look at what version you have. If you don't have the newest, you should update it.
  4. I know its been awhile since I've posted. I have countless hours into this PC, and it became too frustrating to deal with day after day. And then there was the final straw...I updated the BIOS. But none of the browsers would stay open (not a new problem). I also received 2 BSODs indicating hardware drivers. My AVG real time protection wouldn't work. Windows defender wouldn't update or run. I thought maybe malware was taking my bandwith. Prior to running Windows Update again, I decided to log into the PC as the Administrator in Safe Mode and run the Malware app. I selected the option to update it. After the bar ran across indicating it was done updating a pop up window appeared saying the app was going to close to finish updating, and the entire PC shut off. It has not restarted since. I'm willing to give this another shot now if you have any suggestions.
  5. Nevermind..time waster..the motherboard failed completely. Its not a power issue. Back to the drawing board.
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