Q6600 cooling/temp issue

Hey peeps, in need of a little advice. I recently built a new machine and so far im very content with the setup as shown below. However the CPU cooler I purchased for the afore mentioned intel Q6600 cpu does not seem to be cooling adequately enough or near the temps i was expecting.

The cooler concerned is the Zalman CNPS9700NT and from the research i had previously undertaken was that this device should put my cpu on idle between 35-45 degrees. But according to the asus pc probe suite its more like 53 degrees idle, which is a major concern if I intend to OC. Consequently the fan is actually running at full wack approx 2600RPM, and the case has another three 80mm fans all running at 2500RPM. Any assistance on this matter would be very much apreciated!

p.s. another point to mention is that the fan seems to be able to swivel slightly/twist even after the cooler is attacthed quite solidly and the screws are all tight, is this natural? because I never seen that happen before with a cooler.


Case: Coolermaster ATCS (Midi)
Mobo: ASUS Rampage Formula Maximus
CPU: Intel Q6600
CPU cooler: Zalman CNPS9700NT
Ram: Corsair Dominators PC2-8500 C5 (4GB)
AGP: Ati Radeon 4700
PSU: Corsair HX620w
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  1. if you research back 1-2 days you find 2 posts on this
  2. Unless your case has a minimum 12cm fan front and back with unimpeded air flow, ie like the Antec Super Lanboy, the 300, the 900 or the 1200. You will need to solve your air flow problem first.
    I have a big thing about HSF heat sink fans, but the bottom line is the thermal resistance temp to watt, the lower this number the better the cooler.
    Curently the best air cooler on the market is the Xigmatek HDT-S1284 with the extra retention bracket. The next best is the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.

    Now with all that said you want to make sure that you have the paste properly applied, go to the arctic silver website to see how it's done.
    Make sure that the cooler is in good contact with the cpu.
    With an ambient temp of about 72f your cpu temps should be under 40c at idle.
  3. case sucks - you have a hot system the case is not good enought for gaming set up

    get antec 900 get a good cpu cooler and crank it up to 3.6ghz! temps are normal for your set up - you can get same temps with a good case and better cooler at 3.4-3.6ghz

    zalman is mid pack! it needs help like a good case

  4. here read this:


    scroll down screen shots of q6600 at3.375ghz and 50-55c core and 48c cpu a 100% output 4 cores

    this cooler:

  5. Thanks for replying so soon, i know the case is kinda dated but it was something I really didnt want to change, mostly due to budget restrictions. As far as air flow goes its certainly not crowded and there is more than enough space around all components.

    On another note i actually purchased the Thermalright IFX-14 CPU Cooler first but this thign just wouldnt fit in my case so i had to downsize slightly so its height would fit the 15cm approx space i have until it touches my window.
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