Raid 0 p5q pro

i found two western digital 500gb hdds so i decided to try raid 0 with them on a p5q pro mobo
i followed the directions which told me to go to storage configuration and change the hdd from ide to raid, then restart and press ctrl-I to enter the menu, but when i restart, there is never a prompt to press ctrl-I, and even just continuously pressing it does not work.
sorry this is my first time with anything related to raids and any help would be greately appreciated
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  1. Check your manual for the correct key combination.

    Also, you did connect the drives to the red SATA connectors on your motherboard right? The other 2 with white and orange colours are from a different controller and should not be used for RAID.
  2. haha one of my drives was connected to the orange sata connector...
    anyway, it works now! thanks a bunch!
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