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Hi, I'm gonna be starting my first build pretty soon and am wondering if either Newegg is the site to go with or Tigerdirect. Some people told me that Tiger Direct has horrible service and the items they ship are almost destroyed on arrival. Can some of you people inform me which site to go with for better prices, quality, and service.
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  1. Usually Newegg, their site is much easier to navigate and find things. Once you've found what you're looking for, check other retailers for better, zipzoomfly, .....etc. Unless they offer decent savings i usually stick with newegg.
  2. if u buy big get taxes unless u happen to be in the 2 unlucky states which i forgot
  3. i prefer newegg easy to navigate
  4. If you are a REBATE junkie, then Tiger Direct... They offer mainly rebate deals... I had bad experience with rebates before, not with Tiger, but anyhow.. I tend to stay away from any rebate offers now...
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