How do I go about changing drive letter?

Hello, So heres my situation. I was originally running windows xp (c:) I partioned the hard drive and added windows 7 (d:). Now I want to get rid of the XP and change the Win7 to C:. Will this mess up all my program I have installed on the Win7? Also I got Wubi installed on XP (c:) can I just move the ubuntu folder to the win7 (d:) and it will still boot up? Last question: How do I get rid of XP on the Boot Manager if I go ahead and delete Xp? sorry for the multiple questions, thanks in advance.
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  1. You can not change the letter of a system partition, - well not from windows at least- As for removing xp from boot manager:
    in win 7 press start and write: msconfig then press enter, from the opened window go to boot tab now you should be able to see both your win7 and xp boot command line .
    select xp and press delete!
  2. Haha just notice my question is full of smilie faces. Also unfortunately msconfig didn't work. It only shows my Win7 installation.
  3. Then log in win xp, right click my computer> properties> advanced tab> start up and recovery> settings
    in the new opened window press edit: boot.ini will be opened, delete xp line under {operating systems} save and restart.
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