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Hello,I really did not know where to put this as I am having big trouble identifying what the problem is, so i decided to put this here.

Basically, I have a Asus P8Z68-V Pro and an EVGA GTX 560 TI fermi Video Card. Windows 7 Installed of course.

The problem is that I get ZERO audio output whatsoever. I have figured that neither my t.v. nor the speakers are the problem as they work well for other purposes. But THIS is the interesting part.

Neither The NVIDIA Audio Output or the Realtek HD Audio Output work on my computer. I have tried both, and neither work. When I look up on Windows 7, Under Control Panel Sounds, Everything is configured correctly no matter whether I try Realtek HD Audio or the NVIDIA HD Audio. It doesn't output, despite the mixer attempting to tell me otherwise. Please, it is driving me insane. I have even tried a fresh reinstall of Windows 7. Still doesn't work. I have the latest drivers. I believe at this point it must be a hardware problem, but both going bad in the same day? it doesn't make any sense. forward case Audio doesn't work either. I know how to configure for all. As you can see, I have conceivably tried everything. Please, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Also, admins feel free to move this to the correct location, but as I said since I could not identify the exact problem I could not figure exactly where to put this.
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  1. What I would do to figure out what the issue is would be to disconnect any speaker outputs possible (including HDMI), then connect a pair of headphones/earbuds to the front case jack, then the speaker out on your mobo, then try audio over HDMI (if supported by your A/V equipment).

    I frequently have an issue where in order to get the sound working on my machine, I have to plug a pair of earbuds into the front audio out jack and then unplug them, otherwise the other speaker outputs won't function.
  2. Ok well thats... interesting. This has made my motherboard analog audio work, when the drivers are not installed -___-

    But still HDMI out from my graphics card isn't working and I haven't tried using the onboard HDMI, but I can make do with hooking everything up to the onboard Audio for now. Thank you very much, this is definitley going to work in the short term.

    However, if anyone has an idea to get the HDMI out from my Graphics Card Working, without using Lucid Virtu, if anyone is wondering, I would still appreciate any suggestions.
  3. You need to make sure the HDMI audio out is supported by your TV/AV receiver. Sometimes, especially with older sets, this will not work. Some mini HDMI to HDMI cables might also not support the audio output, so I'd be wary of that issue as well. If you're using a DVI to HDMI cable, this may (essentially, if it feels like it) deliver audio. It used to work for me way back when, then it stopped working with one of the driver updates.
  4. It is mini HDMI to HDMI, however it has been working before. Changing around Drivers does not seem to change anything.
  5. Try putting your GPU into a different SATA slot, maybe that will have an impact.
  6. GPUs dont go into SATA slots, they go into PCI-E slots -____-

    But I cant have one in the second slot unless there is one in the first slot, It wont bring up a picture. I think I am going to RMA the Graphics Card. Shoulda known better than to get it from Frys
  7. Looool yeah my bad, was hella stoned when I posted that. I'd recommend getting your GPUs from online retailers like Newegg. You can't count on retailers like Frys and Best Buy to be around forever. I'm thinking it is a GPU issue. Try going into your BIOS and looking at the options for onboard audio. You may have somehow disabled it or something like that.
  8. No no no, the onboard audio works, I need the GPU audio to work lol. thanks for your help man, but I was in contact with EVGA while I posted this, and after extensive testing and troubleshooting they determined that there definitely is a problem with my Graphics Card and I have set up an RMA. I appreciate the help though. Thank you.
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