Squeeling Noise From PSU

Pretty sure its the PSU, though it could be the graphics card also. Whenever I load the a game with the starting videos my computer starts to squeel. Its very faint and sound almost like chalk acrossed a blackboard. My system is as folllowed, E8400, 2gb of Corsair dominator ram, 8800gt, evga 750i, 300gb HDD, and Coolermaster 500w psu (36 amps on 2 12v rails). Also this was happening in my previos machine with the only same parts being the PSU, GPU, and HDD. Is this a problem with my PSU being underpowered?? or is it just interfierence? Thanks
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  1. CoolerMaster doesn't make great PSUs. Try to isolate the source of the noise. If from the PSU, it could be a capacitor about to blow.
  2. I would blow out the psu and any other fans in your system with canned air and restart the pc. Coolermaster makes great cases but not the best psus so I wouldnt doubt it could be the psu.

    Take off the side door and try to listen to pinpoint the area the sound is coming from. It sounds when the system starts getting pushed the defective fan is ramped up and starts to make noise.

    Check the cpu fan as well, you dont want any of your fans to freeze up due to being defective so your doing the right thing now by trying to solve the issue before it becomes a real problem.
  3. I would take it out and test it with a PSU test or something, no need to kill your computer by not being cautious..

    And there should be no way that psu is stuttering from overload of power needs.. it should be able to handle that setup like butter...

    And yeah Coolermaster doesn't make good psu's usually..
  4. You said you are also using the same HD... I would also suspect the disk drive especially if it's Western Digital. I was having the same issue with a subtle high pitched harmonic that sometimes would also get picked up by my soundblaster and come out the speakers very loud. I had an overworked, aged Antec 550 and suspected it. I actually put together a new system that has a new corsair HX1000 and the harmonic is still there. I have two of the WD 640gb's in raid zero and I'm pretty convinced they are the source and its related to the acoustic management software. WD does not offer a utility to adjust it and Hitachi's which is supposed to work does not. Changing the AM setting with the Hitachi software does not stick but it does show that the drives came from the factory set to the lowest AM level which = the highest noise level and fastest performance. If its not AM then the drive may have issues.
  5. pretty sure its not the PSU do to the sound coming from the graphics card/PSU area. also could it be the fan IN the PSU??? becuase the only fans in that area are the GC fan and PSU fan =/
  6. I possibly could be the video card. If you unplug the video cards power, it should sound like a smoke alarm. Although I guess not all cards have that that lil speaker that annoys/scares the crap out of me when I forget to plug the darn thing back in.

    On a side note, my other PC has the 8800GTS. When I shut it down from linux, it makes a slight quick squeel sound when it powers off. To me, that just indicates the video card still had power from the MB, while the power to the 6pin got cut off right faster then the MB.

    So what I'm saying there, is basically there is a relation to where your card is under load to the point it may not be getting enough power causing it to squeel like that. But try it, unplug the 6pin, powered off, then power it on to annoy the crap out of ya.
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