Best graphic card for $600

I am building my new gaming rig in a week my config i sorted most of my parts but i dont know which graphic card to go with

9800 gtx+ in 3 way sli
gtx 260 in 2 way sli
hd 4870 in cf

I am using 24 inch lcd
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  1. wait 2 weeks and get a 4870x2
  2. dude i am in india hear the card price are crazy
  3. I'd agree with FugBen - wait and see about the 4870x2.
  4. A 4870X2 would leave a lot of space for future expansion such as a good soundcard, or even another 4870X2 down the road if you go with a Intel X38/X48 or AMD 790FX chipset motherboard.
  5. Another +1 on waiting.
  6. Mine GTX280....I'll sell it to you for 600 and buy myself another one....haha

    Just kidding....I love my BFG Tech tears up all other cards, but if you don't have severe cooling in your case and you don't know how to tweak settings very good then I would go with ATI uses less power

    but since your question is related to dual cards I would go with ATI crossfire...most MMORPG's have problems with SLI, but I know with the ATI 4870X2 you can run multiple monitors whereas SLI you can just yet till they release the new card bios.

    Just my opinion!! Good luck friend
  7. bonecrush said:
    dude i am in india hear the card price are crazy

    and u think spending 45 grands on three 9800GTX is not crazy?

    The 4870X2 will be priced at Rs 30 to 35,000 ...much less than what three 9800GTXes cost. and one 4870X2 is hugely a better solution than Tri SLI. Wait till September and get it.

    PS: In India for $600 (Rs 24,000) you would get only one single 4870 .... three 9800GTX and 4870X2 would be way over your budget (read above)
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