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I'm back, Just got my 4870 installed and put it on manual fan speed 40% (Running at 44C idle), I have a question about the Overdrive program though. Overdrive is enabled, but the readout of what Overdrive is set at and the current clock settings are different (even after hitting accept and restarting). Whats up with that?

Also, I'm curious what GPU/Memory clock I should be running around.

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  1. Does it read 500Mhz?
  2. Aye, noticed when I go into a game it jumps up to the correct GPU clock.

    I guess that answers that question. What about what I should have it set to? With what it was at 780/910 I was running around 47C ingame for a few mins... what clock should I set it to? (I'm a noob when it comes to GPUs)
  3. Using AMDtool and a few little ninja tricks, I got mine up to 830 without seeing artifacts. 835 seemed to do ok but 840 is right out....too many artifacts. Without the ninja trick, you can hit 790 through CCC with no sweat at all. I have my memory at 1000 and it is stable. I am not sure what the limits are on the memory....the MSI OCed card is at 2000MHz so I imagine it can get up there. I just don't want to fry it so I keep it at 1000 since I don't know how well the GDDR cooling is with their stock thermal pads.

    The GPU uses Powerplay which is like just like intel speed stepping....at idle it drops to save power.
  4. Thanks for the help again.

    Got it at 790/970 atm still playing around. (Crysis demo *drools*). So far haven't seen the thing go above 59C with the fanspeed set on 40%. Why where people complaining about fan noise and heat? Damn thing is quieter than my room fan.
  5. The cooler is one of the best stock HS that I have seen. If you take the heatsink off (which is really easy to do) you can clean off the thermal paste and put better stuff on. That will drop your temps even more. I replaced the stock junk with OCZ Freeze and it dropped the temps 10C just on the stock fan control.

    It is most annoying when you don't control the fan and it does the cycle between 5% and 80%. It sounds like a hair dryer when it kicks up to 80%. I made an idle profile of 650/800 with a 25% fan I can't hear it at all. For a gaming profile, I bumped my fan up to 50%. It makes a loud whooshing noise but it doesn't get that high pitched hair blower sound. With temps never breaking 55C under a full load on an OC of 820MHz there is nothing to complain about.
  6. I don't know about the 4870 - but the 4850's stock fan does not work too well. I replaced it with the Accelero S1 Rev2 (pretty easy to do, even for a newb like me) and now it's dead quiet and well chilled.
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