APC BackUP ES BE550 UPS with stronger battery


i got this ups wich works nicely but theres one trouble i live in venezuela, there are lots and lots of power outages the times are arround 15 minutes to 3 hours so....

my ups only holds my pc for 15 minutes but i would like if possible to get 45 minutes instaling a battery with more AH even thinking in a motor bike or a car battery, my problem its sometimes im playing online and i get a power outage wich its very common so i need more uptime for those moments.

i been looking arround manuals/net/took the battery out but it doesnt reveal the battery specs are all batterys of 12V? or can it have a different voltage.

does anyone knows if would i have troubles by changing the battery of the ups for a another with more AH may be 4X or 5X de AH of the original battery?

thx in advance.
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  1. Have you considered using a generator instead? 15 minutes should be plenty of time to fire up the generator and plug the UPS into that.

    You should be able to measure the battery voltage with a cheap multimeter. If you do connect a larger battery, make sure you use thick wires and be prepared for things to blow up (literally - have copious amounts of water available to an assistant (although I very much doubt if the battery would explode) and wear safety goggles).

    You could contact APC directly.

  2. yea i have seen it but they are so expensive that they would cost me a nut, not even mentioning here in venezuela, i cant find those.

    i also tought in to using a multimeter

    and the generator lol i would love it, but i live in a apartament cant have a generaor here =(

    thx for the answers.
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