New to water cooling

Alright so ive recently started putting together a new system

p6t deluxe v2 (socket 1366)

core i7 920. 2.66

12gb ocz platinum

2* xfx 4890 extreme

my case is going to be Haf 932, and i want to try my hand at water cooling the bad boy, so ive been researching and pricing out parts and heres my list so far

Blocks -

Koolance CPU-350AT LGA1366/LGA775/AM2+ Universal CPU Water Block G1/4 Threads

Koolance VID-487 Full Cover GPU Water Block for Radeon HD 4870 & 4890 Video Cards G1/4 No Fittings

reservoir -

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO REV2 Clear HI-FLOW Water Cooling Reservoir 3/8IN & 1/2IN Barb Fittings

Radiator -

Thermochill PA120.3 Triple 120MM Fan Water Cooling Radiator with 15MM Spacing *No Barbs*

Pump -

Swiftech MCP655 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 1/2IN Barbs

Ek Water Blocks EK-D5 X-TOP Version 2 Custom Pump Top for D5 & MCP655 Pumps G1/4

Fittings -

Koolance Single G1/4 Swivel Angled 3/8 Inch Threaded Compression Fitting

Bitspower G1/4 Straight Compression Fittings for 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing (Pair)

Tubes -

Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing (10 Feet)

Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue 3/8IN ID 5/8IN OD Tubing (10 Feet)

additives -

Feser One Feser View Blue UV Reactive Dye Water Additive 50ML Bottle

misc -

Reducing Socket G1/4 to G3/8 Inner Thread

Reducing Socket G1/2 to G1/4 Inner Thread

so what do you guys think, do i have everything i need, if not what else also is everything compatible, are the sizes of all the fittings and the tubes gonna work,

is there better stuff i can buy, also i live in canada so i had to use ncix(canadian) to get all the components

if theres a better site for water cooling products that ships to canada for a fair price i would like to know,

anyways basically i want to know if these parts are good or not, if they'll work together or what other parts i would have to get

please help a beginner out
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    only place i use for my watercooling needs
  2. What are those reducer fittings? Hopefully not to move from one tubing size to another...?

    Stay away from the Feser pre-mix. Conumdrum posted a link of a guy that used it and it gunked up his system...a guy that knew what he was doing with WC.

    Koolance CPU blocks are horrible. That pump is native 1/2"...the rest of your loop should be, also. You are going to need about double the radiators that you have listed for 2x those Radeons and the CPU.
  3. He's using Thermochill rads which need a adaptor because the use G3/8 fittings on the rad. He's a bit confused on what the G3/8 G1/4 ID means though, it's not ID, it's the thread size of the fitting.

    He does show 3/8 ID tubing though, not sure why he lists both sizes.

    OP: Not too bad, all good parts. Save yourself some $$ and buy distilled water at the store and get som Petras PHN nuke for your biocide. Petras can ship cheap, check em out.

    Canada based Online Stores

    Primary US based Online Stores :These stores have a huge selection of parts and known for their great support of water cooling community. I have personally purchased from these places and vouch for them and so would hundreds of other people.

    1) : High end selection of cooling parts, great selection of water cooling parts, lowest prices, and great customer support with water cooling RMA support
    2) : Water cooling and High end cooling specialty store with Petra being an active member in water cooling community. Good selection of parts and average prices. Ships worldwide and great support.
    3) : Great online store with large selection of modding supplies, cases, cooling parts, and one of largest water cooling inventories. Also based on Florida so CA buyers can avoid some sales taxes.
    4) : Awesome customer support with decent water cooling inventory but great cooling parts, accessories, and modding inventory

    Other US based Online Stores : I don’t have as much info on these stores and limited or no experience but they are decent online stores. : Large selection of water cooling and accessories, cooling parts, cases, and modding gear but very expensive. : Probably the best selection of cooling parts and large selection of water cooling parts. Like above but cheaper : Water cooling specialty store. Stocks major water cooling parts but limited selection. Water cooling specialty store. Stocks major water cooling parts but limited selection : There is an online store. : Reseller to some parts you can’t find anywhere else in the US : Reseller to some parts you can’t find anywhere else in the US
  4. Alright so ive got a few more questions

    the Swiftech MCP655 or the liang d5 i hear everyone talking about, which is better? or are they the same

    also when dealing with the Id and Od, I have to worry about the Id right like if all my Id's are 1/2 then the Od's arent something i should really worry about? as long as the Id are good the barbs will fit right? and arent most 1/2 id always with a 3/4 Od

    also you mentions the g1/4 and g3/8 as being the thread size, what does this mean, like do the different threads matter, and why

    also is tygon really the way to go?

    and you guys were mentioning the fesser one coolant, ive read the reg distilled water is better for the system and i only have the uv additive not the actual coolant

    and rubix mentioned i would have to double the radiators in my system to be able to cool the cpu and 2 gpu's, why would i have to do that the rad is a triple, and if i do have to do that couldnt i theoretically add a 'y' infront of the cpu block and , with one end going to the cpu and the other going to the video cards, then have then join back into the one tube before the res

    also how would i make the loop would it go rad-y(split)-cpu/gpu's-join the y-res-pump-rad

    also with the haf 932 theres a spot to mount the rad to the top of the case

    / 3rad--------2res \
    / 4 y \
    / 5cpu \
    / 6gpu \
    / 7gpu 8y \
    / 1pump \

    think of the pic as an over the top view with the / \ as front and back of my case

    would i start my loop as 1 the follow through till 8 then restart or

    also if im completely wrong and i need 2 rads would i be able to get away with 2 doubles or even 2 singles, would i also need another pump?

    and would i have 2 seperate loops 1 for cpu and 1 for gpu's, how would i make that all tie into the pump and resevoir and then how would i keep the flow going
  5. Cya in a few weeks after you spend more time learning.............. Too early for questions. You need to read read read many many threads.

    Become informed, it will come clear, you won't have to ask so much and bee lost like a lamb in a wolves den.
  6. You don't need two loops for what you have and a triple fan radiator should be enough.
  7. baddad said:
    You don't need two loops for what you have and a triple fan radiator should be enough.

    Wrongo. An i7 needs at a min a 120x2 rad. If your an overclocker better look at a 120x3 just for the CPU. Guess your behind the times with heat load and physics. You have any clue what a i7 puts out under load and what modern rads can dissipate?

    Lets talk about your rig, if it's yours in the pic and what watercooling loop you use. Specifics dude, not pretty pics. And those quick disconnect fittings.... hmm wonder what the flow rate restrictions are? I bet they do wonders to the flow rates.
  8. I know a lot more then you think pal! Those quick disconnect fittings have the same ID as the tubing, and I not only can cool my gaming machine with my set up I could do the same with a I7 OC with 3x285GTX using the same setup.
  9. Sure, okay. QD fittings have a very small acutal inside flow area once you take into account the sealing parts. The only ones that come close to are in this thread.

    And waiting for Skinee to test the Colder brand, he has them.

    A 120x3 for all those watts? Hmm. Wonder what a i7 loaded and 3 GTX285's put out for heat and what a rad can dissipate? Look up the MCR320 or any 120x3 rad.

    My rig, yours is nice too.
  10. alright ive done alot of reading conumdrum and this is what ive come up with parts wise

    my build changed its going to be a

    Haf 932 case

    Core i7 920 d0

    evga classified 760

    evga 285 gtx 2gb(running in sli eventually)

    wc is going to consist of

    pump - mcp655

    Cpu block - heat killer rev 3 + back plate

    Gpu block - EK-FC285 GTX PCB Rev.2 SLI - Acetal+Nickel

    chipset block - ek-nb classified(its the one piece nb+sb+mosfet one)

    resevoir - EK Waterblocks - EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir - Plexi im having a hard time convincing my self to buy this may go with typhoon 3 if i find out if using 2 sub loops to cool everything would be good and if not then a mcres micro 2

    rad - x-changer 360 and possible another X-changer 240 and most definitly have it when i go sli

    coolant im going with distilled water with mabye hydrx solution or a mix of feser anti corrosion and dye along with pht nuke
    also would it be advisable to put anti freeze in? or would that be to much extra additives?

    tubing tygon 3603 1/2 id 3/4 od or premochil lrt 1/2 id 3/4 od

    Fittings bitspower silver shining fitting 1/2 id 3/4 od

    with herbie clip size g

    what do you think? changes suggestions and sorry for my earlier posts i should have researched alot more before posting
  11. Looka okay. Distilled and PHN Nuke. Don't need any antifreeze,your loop is non-corossive, same with Hydrix etc.

    When you go SLI you'll need a seperate loop. for the GPU's. The i7 really needs a 120x2 at a minimum ALL by itself. You need low water temps on the chip, so many run a 120x2 or if overclocking a 120x3 JUST FOR THE CPU.
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