Where There Be A New Type Of Video Card Slot In The Future.

Oh yea, Do you ever think they will come out with a new AGP slot type like AGXP.2.0 or PCI something like that. Where they are going to be not just x16 pipeline but 20 to 24 pipeline slots, if PCI in the future can no longer catch up with the technology for video card. Each day video cards will evolve and new motherboard and slots will have to be made. You thinks in 5 to 6 years from now Motherboard will have to make some changes and not just slot changes but all changes to a Motherboard system.

I will like to see if they do come out with a new AGP slot type that will either faster than PCIx16 or the same.
I will like to also see if they will come out with new memory for it like DDR5.
The future has some good technology for us in the Gaming/Computer Industry.

Let me you what you think about our future in Computer Gaming.

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  1. "Where There Be A New Type Of Video Card Slot In The Future."

    pci express 3.0?
  2. I am sure that in twenty years, the whole idea of a "video card slot" will seem quaintly antiquated. So your answer is "yes."
  3. well there has to be in 6 years a pcie 16x slot would bottle neck every card
  4. PCI-E more or less has become the dedicated video card slot while also catering to some other, rarer, components that happen to use it. Basically this slot will just continue evolving until it can't be upgraded anymore and you need an entirely new slot to make the best use of the cards. But that won't happen for at least another 4 years I think.
  5. Actaully, there WAS an AGP 2.0 slot, but PCI-E had already taken over.

    PCI-E will likely remain for a bit.
  6. yes... what kind of question is that?

    lol anyway... it probably will be used for a while until it really starts bottlenecking and I mean really bottlenecking cards... like 10% performance drops or something... until then it doesn't matter
  7. From the sounds of it, AMD, Intel and Nvidia are all working towards multi-core CPU/GPU whereby a Quad core chip would have 2 CPU's and 2 GPU's all on one die.

    Octo-core = 4 CPU and 4 GPU... etc etc etc.

    It'd be nice to see something like that where the cores could actually switch on the fly... need more graphics power and less CPU power, BANG the cores switch to 3 CPU and 5GPU.

    How far away is that technology?
  8. Not likely even remotely soon, as the architecture is completely different between a CPU and a GPU.
  9. Quote:
    No never. They will always use pci-e 16x. Aliens use it.

    I agree.
    Computers have reached their Pinnacle.
    There may be some minor updates in the next 1-2 years but then thats it.
    THey will not change over the next 1,000 years.
  10. cjl said:
    Not likely even remotely soon, as the architecture is completely different between a CPU and a GPU.

    Ahh well.

    I can keep dreaming can't I?
  11. ^ thats illegal in the state of PA
  12. can i ask why the curiosity? i mean if you look at the past10 years, and see how things changed... this should be MORE than obvious
  13. ^ he probably wants to make a really expensive build in early 09... and then thought... Oh sh*t... what happens if my gpu is outdated shortly after I spend tons of money on it...
  14. PCI-e is serial, and universal as long as nobody (like intel - AGP) comes out and tries to make something proprietary.

    We may see up to an x32 slot one day if its needed, but the amount of data that can pass through each slot will technically double with pci-e 3.0 over the 2.0 standard by optimizing the way the data is transferred. We'll be fine for a number of years as long as chipsets keep up.

  15. Now that I think about it, I think Video Cards will be completely gone in a couple years.

    Computers will use NeuroTransmitters so there will not even be a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.
  16. Technology is getting better and better, But we have no idea what the Computer industry is really up to these days.
    better and more pipelines for video cards will make video card run faster and better.
    New Motherboard will also become better. Yes In the future I am planning to build a very excellent computer by 2010.
    Yes I know the PCIxE has become our be loving slot for your cards but think about it. We all felt the same way about the AGP slot
    and now we turn out backs on the AGP. Wonder if they come out with a new slot in 2013, we will do the same as we did for the AGP to the PCIxE. In your hearts we love new and better technology when it's out there and a must to have product.
    Would they come up with a new version of a AGP slot? We never know until it happen but always keep in mind that your computer
    was born from a AGP slot to run video cards and we all know we miss the AGP and it has done some wonders for us in the past.
    Soon they will drop something into your hands when you are going to see it coming.
  17. its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.
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