Ssd (slc) array & raid controller (raid0)

As my main storage option -- therefore handling everything... booting, applications, files, games, etc... is this advised? Are most SSD's bootable? What about a single solution... i.e. using a single OCZ Z-Drive e84 PCI-Express SSD? For backup, I'm planning to add a standard large harddrive. What do you think of SSD's running the show? Thanks, btk_1!
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  1. TRIM is an essential wiping tool for SSDs.

    I would wait on RAID with SSDs.
    TRIM won't work on a RAID array for now.

    For a single drive:
    The only Windows storage drivers to support TRIM are written by Microsoft. The Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IMSM) driver will not pass the TRIM instruction to your SSD. This means you can't use anything but the drivers that ship with Windows 7. Definitely use AHCI.
    If you want to use IMSM or if you're using Windows XP or Vista, both of which do not support TRIM, there's another option. Earlier this year Indilinx released its Wiper Tool that performs a manual TRIM on their SSDs. It works by asking the OS for a list of the free space addresses on the partition and then sending the list with instructions to TRIM down to the SSD
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